Comfort Experts

Hitachi Cooling & Heating is the premium air conditioning brand of Johnson Controls-Hitachi, a joint venture of Hitachi Appliances Inc. and Johnson Controls Inc.

Superior Product Design

Our commitment to product innovation ensures your customers will enjoy years of exceptional comfort, energy savings and performance. And, you will enjoy the ease of installing and maintaining uncommonly well-designed equipment.

Unrivaled Control

You will also be offering your customers the best controls on the market. Whether the equipment is a stand-alone system, a supplement to an existing system or one element of an HVAC mix, our control products ensure absolute control for personalized comfort and maximum savings.

World-Class Training & Advanced Logistics

We support you at every step to ensure your success. You'll obtain hands-on experience at our training centers and can refresh your learning through videos and webinars. And, you'll have the right equipment on time every time to meet deadlines and schedule labor efficiently. We located our state-of-the-art distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee where UPS and FedEx have hubs to ensure fast deliveries.

How can we help?

Call on our heating and cooling experts at any stage of a project with any question. We are here to support you.