Retail Air Conditioning

In-store environments should be comfortable and put customers at ease. With our solutions, create inviting retails spaces that's reliable and efficient

Inviting environments that sell

The HVAC requirements of retail have changed and maintaining and improving indoor air quality has become one of the leading factors in ensuring a comfortable and positive shopping experience. For customers and employees alike, providing the optimal in store climate is essential for a healthy work environment and to support a thriving business.

Our lineup of products reflects the diverse needs of retail businesses: our PRIMAIRY range offers independent climate control units for small shops or combined using our Group Controller technology that allows 8 units to be operated from one access point. With VRF systems, like Heat Recovery system, benefit from simultaneous cooling and heating for large stores with multiple zones.

We offer 4-way cassette VRF units with powerful air flow capabilities for spaces with tall ceilings as a standard, providing the desired temperature even across long distances, up to 18 feet. They also feature individual louvers, allowing precise control and avoiding unpleasant direct air flow, particularly beneficial for employees who work in one specific area of the store.

Take control of your system remotely with airCloud Pro, available for smartphone and web. Using our IoT management tool for VRF systems lets you control an unlimited number of locations, share access with administrators, and helps avoid energy wastage through its intuitive scheduling and control interface.


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About Hitachi Cooling & Heating

With over 80 years of experience, we are confident that our range of cooling and heating solutions for shops and retail can create and maintain comfortable indoor environments for customers and employees. Meeting the evolving requirements of providing the perfect shopping experience means that we are constantly innovating our systems, to increase their efficiency, adaptability and smart capabilities. Hitachi Cooling & Heating retail and shop air conditioning systems create in store environments that sell.

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