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FrostWash ensures clean indoor air

All air conditioning units accumulate dust, bacteria, and other impurities over time. These particles eventually blow into the room, leading to unhealthy indoor air. At Hitachi, we’ve solved this problem with a unique feature, FrostWash, that freezes impurities in place then washes them safely away. Now that's a breath of fresh air.

This revolutionary new technology reduces an impressive 91% of bacteria and 84% mold from the unit interior* for cleaner, healthier indoor air. FrostWash provides another significant advantage. When units are dirty, efficiency is reduced and performance suffers. By keeping the unit clean, FrostWash boosts equipment performance in addition to improving air quality.

* Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2017_40194: antibacterial & antimold effects when operating FrostWash 2 times.

airCloud Home enables ultimate control

With the new airCloud Home smartphone app, you have anytime, anywhere control at the touch of a button.

Connect it to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and enjoy hands-free control at home for ultimate convenience.

Human sensor brings new degrees of comfort

Hitachi Mini-Split Systems are designed to adapt to occupant needs. An intelligent human sensor system monitors the room for human activity, adjusting air flow and indoor climate accordingly for optimal comfort.

By selecting dehumidification mode, the unit will decrease room humidity by gently cooling the room.

The Air Sleep function detects when you are sleeping and optimizes temperature and humidity levels, easing you into a good night’s sleep.



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